About 2Bros

2Bros Sports Collectibles got its start twelve years ago when a sixteen year old high school student convinced his eighteen year old brother to open an eBay account so they could start a sports card business. After creating the account and taking a trip to Walmart, the business was underway with a total of three packs of 2004 Topps Heritage baseball cards and $50 to spare. It has been over a decade since that day, and the two brothers have gone a long way since then.

In 2015, the business went from being a sporadic hobby to breaking cases together on a part-time basis. After a year of part time work, the business was doing well enough for both brothers to dedicate themselves to its development full-time. Todd quit his full-time corporate job, and Tom ended his job pursuits. The brothers were officially partners on March 1, 2015. Since then, the business has grown extensively. Approximately three to ten cases of nearly every major set were broken in 2015, which resulted in several hundred thousand cards available for sale. The selection was often three to four times more than the most robust competitors!


In years since, 2Bros has continued to grow and become the go to place for new release sets and more.  Hiring both full time and part time employees, 2Bros continues to bring in more quantities and selection than anyone else on the market.


Why choose 2Bros Sports Collectibles for your trading card purchases?

We recognize there are a lot of options when purchasing sports cards, there are three main reasons why we believe you should always shop 2Bros first.

• Price: 2Bros prides themselves on offering the most competitive prices on the market. In addition, because of our bulk purchasing and unique supplier relationships, the cost of cards is less for us.  We also will consider your offers to give you the best deal we can.

• Service: As for service, we get orders out the next business day at the latest. In addition, we have a customer service staff that answers e-mails daily and will respond to you quickly with whatever questions you may have.

• Selection: Completing your set at a one-stop location is possible here! Because we are opening as many as 10 cases or more of each set, our selection can be astronomical in comparison to other dealers. This is especially true with base cards, parallels, and inserts. If you want between 20-50 cards of your favorite player, you have a good chance of finding that here. Furthermore, our selection of premium cards is also rapidly expanding, and there are hundreds of one-of-a-kind collectibles in our store.

We May Buy Your Collections!

If you have vintage pre-1970 sports cards or sorted base sets, parallels, inserts, autographs and more from the 2000s and up; e-mail us at: info@2brossports.com. We will get back to you either way. If it is something we need, we will work with you to get you a competitive offer for your collection as easily as possible. 

Our ultimate goal is to become the one-stop shop for sports cards. For now, we are specializing in new release but as opportunities to expand into the vintage market increase, we are definitely looking to take it! We currently have a couple of vintage sets and are always looking for more.